Saturday , July 11 2020

Join Cfaith Network On WhatsApp

To Join Cfaith On WhatsApp

  1. Add this number +234 805 119 0003  to your phone contact.
  2. Send us a Whatsapp requesting that we add you.
  3.  You will be invited.

Some Rules You Must Obey

  1. We do not allow ads of any kind on the forum.
  2. Links to other sites, groups and webpages are not allowed.
  3. Discussion we must be based on Cfaith/Christian Related topics
  4. More will be added soon!



Cfaith Network is a Christian based group, if you are not a christian, you may find what we discuss offensive, stil you are welcome to join us.

Please note that the admin has the right to suspend/ban you if you are not keeping the above rules

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