Not Slothful in Business; FERVENT IN SPIRIT; Serving the Lord

“Not slothful in business; FERVENT IN SPIRIT; serving the Lord (Romans 12:11).” .

The word translated “fervent” above is the Greek “zeo”; it means to boil with heat for liquid; or glow with heat for solids. Thus, to be “fervent in spirit” is to boil in your spirit with the Word of God, and glow on the outside. That’s why the Moffat translation says, “Maintain the glow”; because there’s a glow of the Spirit in your life. The New King James version says, “Keep yourself aglow with the spirit”; the Amplified translation says, “…be aglow {and} burning with the Spirit….” That’s what God wants; He doesn’t want you slothful, languid or docile. He wants you vibrant, exuberant, and aglow in the spirit always. Some people are slothful about going to church, or about the things of God; they’re uninterested in spiritual activities. Don’t be that way! Be active in soul winning; be involved in encouraging and bringing others to the house of God. Passionately pray and intercede for lost souls; it’s part of your ministry in the Gospel as a child of God.

You’re an ambassador of Jesus Christ, and of the Church to which you belong; never forget it. You’re to speak on behalf of Christ and, of your church. Your church is your spiritual family; bring others into that family so they can hear the same Word of God that has built and edified you! Touch the lives of others with the Gospel.

Maintain your zeal and fire for the Gospel. Remain passionate about the spiritual; that is, be on fire in your spirit, and glow on the outside! How do you achieve that? First, it’s by praying in tongues. If you want to excel spiritually and make lasting impact in this world, learn to spend quality time praying in tongues. Do it quite often. When you’re alone, rather than being idle, or thinking about unimportant things, pray in tongues!

Also, study the Word; give yourself to the ministry of the Word. That’s how you maintain inspiration and your zeal for the Lord—it’s through prayer and the ministry of the Word.




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