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Ajiri Ovo
Ajiri Ovo

We tell of his works
With songs of joy
We sing with gratitude in our hearts
For all you’ve done
For all you do, dear lord
And all you’re doing oh oh
We sing Halle eh eh eh

Ajiri ovo (Only praises)
Mere ko ghene me (will I give to my God)
Keme Oye Ovie (for he is a king)

Let everything that has breath
Praise the Lord
Shout his praise for all of the battles
He Saved us from
The unseen battles,
The ones that are visible
We sing Halle eh eh

Ajiri ovo (Only praises)
Mere ko ghene me (will I give to my God)
Keme Oye Ovie (for he is a king)

Ovie ri vie (King of kings)
Ujiru to de ra yo (Praise be to your name)
Me kowo jiro baba (I give you all the praise)
Agbada gbruru(Indescribable God)
Obenu ta kpor ruru(The leaf that covers the earth)
Ele gbete(Heavy God)
Me kowor jiro(I give you praise)
Ujiru to de ra (praise be to your name)
Uyeru yero Ovo (only praise)
We ko bi ruo oh (Thank you)

Artistes’ Biography

Kome Orji ,known professionally as Kome Kelly is a Nigerian based gospel singer, song writer and performing artiste.
Ajiri is an Isoko word meaning Praise. Its a song of praise to God, thanking Him for all that He is to me and acknowledging the fact that He alone deserve all the praises. He has being a good God.
This song was birthed when i reflect on God’s goodness and kindness which are new every morning and I experienced it daily and i’m thankful for all he is doing, all he has done and all he will do.
It has a danceable rhythm with afrobeat spices.

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