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Paul De Beloved – Moving-in-Victory – (Audio)

Taiwo Remilekun Fredrick also known as Paul De Beloved

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Taiwo Remilekun Fredrick also known as Paul De Beloved hails from osun state but was born and raised in Lagos. He grew up with his parents and brothers in Lagos and developed love for God. He delights in singing and worshiping God at his leisure time and then by the power of the Holy Spirit he began to write worship songs that men would sing to glorify God. He’s been writing songs since 2006 and his songs of repentance, hopes in God, Thanksgiving and worship has been well received and commended among many of his listeners.

Moving in Victory is a song of hope and assurance that no matter what we might be facing, our victory is certain, God will surely bring us to our land flowing with milk and honey. It’s just left for us to believe and keep moving in the victory that Jesus has given to us, Amen. – Paul De Beloved.

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/pauldebeloved
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